Operation Bobble Head

Well I pulled off a good one on my husband for his birthday with the help of some friends of course.   About two months ago our friend Ben from Oregon got this great idea for Norm’s birthday.   He thought it would be fun to get Norm the Denny Crane bobble head doll he put on his blog as an idea for his birthday, but with a twist — a custom bobble head to look like Norm.   Too funny!   My friend Tracy helped with the surprise too by allowing me to ship the custom bobble head to her house so Norm would not intercept the package before his birthday.

Ben had the Denny Crane bobble head shipped to our house with a note to Norm saying he could not open this special package from “ABC television” because it was for Karen only.

A few weeks ago I gave the package to Tracy in front of Norm saying that she was going to wrap it for me.   In the meantime she switched the packages so tonight, we Norm thought he was opening a package containing a Denny Crane bobble head it was really a “little Norm” bobble head doll.   He was surprised for sure!   You can hear him tell the story and see the pictures on his blog.

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  1. metromom
    Aug 6, 2007

    I LOVED seeing that in person…and I loved meeting you!
    Now I have another blogging friend!

    Have a great day!