We Won!

Yesterday’s mail came in and Norm went through all of the goodies junk mail that arrived.   One was most interesting because it claimed we could possibly be winners of $10,000, a Wal-Mart gift card worth up to $2500, or $100 cash.   Norm scratched off the number hidden under the silver paint and low and behold it matched the numbers in the box next to it.   That meant we had won something.   The mailer was from a car dealership way out in far east Mesa.   It turns out that we had to go within 2 miles of that location for an appointment so I suggested to Norm we go and claim our prize.   $10,000 would really come in handy and I certainly wouldn’t turn down $100 cash, and it said no purchase necessary on the mailer.
After our appointment in Superstition Springs we ventured on over to Tim’s Factory Outlet.   Since we were not looking to buy a car I told Norm let’s just go in and claim our prize and leave.   It turns out that our winning number meant that we would receive a Wal-Mart gift card with an unknown value.   I couldn’t check the value of the card until we got home and I could look it up online.   Our big prize turned out to be $5.   Yes, five dollars.   Oh well, I can get a few songs from Wal-Mart music downloads for my MP3 player.

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  1. Vanda
    Jul 29, 2007

    I think you are the first person I have know who has really won some dosh. Even $5 is good. Enjoy your music.

    I remember my son calling me at work to tell me I had WON, ONE MILLION DOLLARS mum!

    Oh boy did I have a hard time trying to explain to this very excited 13 year old, what “might have” really ment. Poor guy I sure burst his so happy and excited ballon.