Having Fun

Since I got here on Monday afternoon I’ve been having a good time in San Diego with my family.   I’m missing Norm quite a bit, but we’ve talked every day.   I know he’s missing me too.

Yesterday we celebrated my mother’s birthday and America’s independence.   First we had a little party for mom at her favorite place, Summers Past Farms, with a handful of her friends and family.   Later we went to my brother’s house for barbecue ribs and chicken.   It was good!   Mom and I were rather worn out from the day’s activities so we went home and my grandmother came over for a short visit.   She’ll be 87 this year.   My dad went with the rest of the gang to watch fireworks at Lake Murray Park.   Mom and I stayed home and I watched a little TV.   It was a fun but long day and I was tired.

Today I’ve rested quite a bit and did a little shopping with my mother.   We just got home and I had a most delicious snack of Langer’s red grape juice and some Cheez-its.   I guess it’s like having wine and cheese without the alcohol.   I can’t stand alcohol — yuck.   But I do love good red grape juice and it’s impossible to find in Scottsdale, so I make sure my mother has some on hand when I come to visit.   Thanks Mom!

This evening I think we are having dinner with my brother and the Spice Girls.   I didn’t get to play with them much yesterday because they had a friend over and their friend occupied their time.   I guess I can’t blame them because when I was a kid I probably wanted to hang out with the kids too.   They had fun playing in the sprinklers late in the afternoon while my brother’s lawn was being watered.


  1. Ken
    Jul 6, 2007

    Oooh! Cheeze-Itz!

    sorry…I’m dieting 😥 :mrgreen:

  2. Norm
    Jul 6, 2007

    😯 I can testify to that! 😀

  3. Vanda
    Jul 9, 2007

    Waving Hiiii from across the pond. Glad you are having such a good time Karen.

  4. Karen of Scottsdale
    Jul 9, 2007

    Waving back. Good to hear from you! 😀

  5. julie woodman
    Jul 11, 2007

    Sounds like a great holiday so far. Keep enjoying it and the wonderful company.