Cry A Few Tears, Then Enjoy Yourself

Norm and I went to a Diamondbacks game today.   About a dozen people from our church went and we were given two tickets from the group of tickets that were purchased for our group.   Our friend Dirk, who was in charge of purchasing tickets for the church, said we could exchange our two tickets for handicapped seats once we got to the stadium.   Unfortunately, there were not any handicapped seats available in the section where all of our friends were sitting, and I was sorely disappointed.   We all arrived at the stadium separately so Norm and I found the area on the third level where our friends would be, but we only saw one of them.   We told him to tell the others that we couldn’t get seats near them so we were just going to go home.

At first I wanted to go home because part of the whole reason for going was to be with our friends, and I wouldn’t have bothered to go if it wasn’t for someone having given us tickets.   I was really upset and I even cried a few tears because it just felt so unfair.   It is unfair, but there’s nothing fair in this world, so I’ve learned to deal with a lot of unfair things.   Learning to deal with them doesn’t necessary mean you don’t feel upset about it though.

We thought about it for a few minutes and decided that we probably should just stay so we went back to “Guest Relations” and exchanged our tickets for handicapped seats in a different area.   Our friends were sitting on the third level which is the upper-most deck of the stadium, but we were able to get seats on the main concourse level so we were much closer to the field although still above it.   It was however a long, long trek to get to our seats.   We sat near the visiting team bullpen which is in the outfield on the first-base side.

Once we made it to our seats and got some Pepsi and hotdogs I started feeling a lot better.   You see we had already spent an hour getting lost in the parking structure (where we had to spend $10 just to park) trying to find our way to the stadium and then walking around for at least a mile before we got our seats.   We enjoyed ourselves and the Diamondbacks did win against the Baltimore Orioles, but it would have been a lot more fun if we sat with our friends.   Sometimes you do need to cry a few tears get to them out of the way so you can enjoy yourself in spite of your circumstances.   And, I’m glad I didn’t let the unfair stuff of life destroy what turned out to be a fun time with my husband.

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  1. pb
    Jun 25, 2007

    It’s miserable to be sandbagged when you just want to have fun.

    Kudos to both of you for sticking it out.

    I wouldn’t.