Going to the Dogs

This weekend Norm and I visited the Desert Dog Regional Police K-9 Trials at Scottsdale Stadium. It was fun! It’s a dog competition between working police, military and security canines from around the US. We went for a couple of hours on Saturday and a couple of hours today, so we didn’t see the entire competition, but what we did see was outstanding. These dogs are very enthusiastic about what they do. Some of the dogs were young and inexperienced so they didn’t respond as well as the more experienced and better trained dogs, but all of them were passionate about going after the “bad guys.” Every dog we saw couldn’t wait to attack the agitators and some of them wouldn’t let go until their handler came and physically pulled them off of the guy in the protective gear. These dogs were powerful and you can understand why the agitators wear so much padding.

The more experienced and better trained dogs were focused on their handlers and fearless against the agitators and responded immediately to the commands of their handler to return once they subdued the agitator. You can learn more about the program at their webpage and listen to Norm’s podcast about our adventure at NormRadio.com.