Kudos to Councilman Bob Littlefield

Bob Littlefield, one of our Scottsdale Council members, is my hero this week for standing up for those of us in South Scottsdale who prefer not to have high density neighborhoods.   It seems the City Council voted 4 to 3 to approve zoning for a 99 unit, five-story condominium complex on a 2.5 acre site near Earll Dr. and 73rd St.   The area currently sports vacant warehouse buildings but is surrounded by low-profile neighborhoods.   More and more South Scottsdale is becoming home to multistoried high density housing which is ruining the beauty and simplicity of our area.   Downtown Scottsdale is now full of huge towering condominiums that make you wonder if you’re not in downtown Phoenix.

During a heated discussion before voting on the project Councilman Littlefield pointed out to Mayor Manross that this project would never be approved in North Scottsdale.   She didn’t like his pointing out the truth and so sparring began between the two of them.   It’s odd that the four members of the council, including the mayor, said they were not thrilled with the project but they voted to approved it anyways.   I don’t think South Scottsdale deserves to be treated with such disrespect by our mayor and council members.

Bob is right — the Council never would’ve approved this for a North Scottsdale neighborhood.   Council members Bob Littlefield, Tony Nelssen and Betty Drake were the only ones to vote against the project because they said “the city would be better off waiting for a more inspiring project that had less mass to it.”

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  1. Norm
    Feb 24, 2007

    :smile:You always amaze me. Sitting just down the hall from me, it’s always a pleasure to see your blogs. I never know what to expect but also I find that you are right on.

    Your View, was it from the high or low position of your chair? shows an insight into the Scottsdale City Council that rarely gets talked about in most media sites. But you pick it out so very easily.

    Simply amazing. 😆