The First Fitting For My New Chair

Today I thought I was going to get my new wheelchair, but it turned out to be the first fitting.   It’s a beautiful chair, and the only reason you’re not looking at a photograph of it is we misplaced our digital camera sometime ago and could not find it last night.

Norm lifted me out of my old chair and placed me in the new chair.   Right away we realized the arm rests were too high and they were adjusted as far as down as they could go.   So Matt got on the phone with Quickie and ordered custom armrests for me so we will have to wait for those.   Because the armrests are too high I cannot sit comfortably in the chair and the go stick box is at an awkward angle for me to use.   Once the custom armrests get here everything should be better.   For the time being my new wheelchair will have to stay at the shop.

I tried out the tilt and recline mechanism and it works wonderfully.   But what is even better is the seat elevator.   I was able to raise up higher which put me at about 5’6″ tall.   Sitting at the normal wheelchair height I am about 4 feet tall.   What a difference!   I was amazed at the view.   Norm and I were able to look at each other almost eye to eye.   Had we been alone I probably would have cried.   In fact, I have tears in my eyes now remembering how wonderful it felt.   Give me a minute while I blink those tears away.

Technology is amazing and so liberating to someone who is as severely disabled as I am.   Medicare doesn’t agree and they have classified the seat elevator as not medically necessary.   They are nuts!   For the amount of money we will spend on this extra feature of the wheelchair Norm could probably buy me a luxurious diamond anniversary ring.   (My beautiful wedding ring has a Ruby and I love it even though it’s not an expensive one.)   But this new wheelchair will be so much better than any diamond ring!   I will feel as though I am the most loved woman in the world using this new wheelchair.   I thank God that he has provided the means at this time in our lives in order for me to have this new chair.


  1. BlogSis
    Nov 8, 2006

    Enjoy your shopping experience. It sounds like quite the go around. Just think: you will be hugging height with many people now.

    What a thought. I am thrilled for you and hope that many people will take advantage of the new feature.


  2. Tracy
    Nov 9, 2006


    Your new chair sounds like a gift from God! I can’t wait to see you in it and looking at me eye to eye. Darn, I am tearing up thinking about it.

  3. Brother
    Nov 9, 2006

    I understand the tears. Can’t wait to see you in it sis!
    Love ya,

  4. NormB
    Nov 9, 2006

    :razz:I was there. Talk about exciting! I don’t know who was beeming more, Karen or Me. Lifting, grining, lifting, grining, that’s all I could do. It was more exciting than a Mid Term election.:lol: