Ivan Is Back

Finally, Ivan has returned home from Data Doctors.   Poor Ivan was infected with a boot sector virus in the registry which caused him to run extremely slow.   The virus probably came through an e-mail attachment or something I downloaded from the Internet.   Yes, I run antivirus software, somehow this one escaped notice.   Data Doctors armed me with new software so hopefully I will be better protected in the future.

It was terrible being without Ivan for six days.   He is my trusty sidekick and provides me access to so many things and enables me to do things I normally cannot do.   Technology is wonderful and I don’t mind being dependent upon it.   It comes with the territory when you are physically challenged.   This Gimp Girl certainly enjoys being a little geeky.

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  1. pj
    Oct 15, 2006

    Welcome back to the both of you! One is loved – Both are appreciated!