We just returned from our first-ever blogger get-together in Phoenix.   At least it’s the first one we’ve ever attended and the first one that I’ve ever heard of.

Norm and I enjoyed root beers while getting to know some of our fellow Arizona bloggers at the Sonora Brewhouse in Phoenix.   Vox was there and was quite the hostess with prepared nametags for everyone with a picture of their blog’s header on the tag.   Very cool indeed!

Other bloggers in attendance: (at least while we were there)
Some Soldier’s Mom, along with her husband and brother from the Prescott area.
Mike of
Macker of Macker’s World
Anonymous Mike of Zonitics
Greg of Espresso Pundit whom we dubbed as “the famous one” because of his recent notoriety over the Arizona 9/11 Memorial issue.
Jim of Rotisserie Baseball
Michelle — regular commentor on various blogs.
Scott of Speed of Thought who came up from Tucson.

It was nice to put faces to all these blogs some of which I must admit I haven’t visited much, but now that I know who they are I’ll visit their blogs more often.   I was disappointed that Garrett O’Hara of the Arizona Growler couldn’t make it.   Perhaps we’ll get to meet another time.

A special shout out of thanks to Vox for doing such a great job of organizing our get-together.   🙂


  1. Garrett O'Hara
    Oct 7, 2006

    Many regrets! I just wouldn’t have been in the right mental state after what happened last night.

  2. sarahk
    Oct 9, 2006

    so envious! i never get to go to these blogmeets being stuck down here in Florida.