Under Surveillance

Late this afternoon I took a break for some quiet time in my backyard.   As I parked my chair under the Ramada I hear this familiar buzzing sound.   There is a hummingbird coming right at my face.   Whoa!   He hovers giving me the once over for a few seconds and flies away.   Obviously he was attracted to my red T-shirt. I sat there for a few minutes marveling at the beauty of such creatures and looking for the lizards who are always hanging out on the wall.   Then a mosquito came for my arm and I had to go back in the house.     I’m under surveillance in my own backyard.   Yikes!


  1. Tim Plett
    Sep 19, 2006

    You have mosquitoes in Arizona? You have my sympathy she (he?) probably came in on a plane from Manitoba.

  2. Vanda
    Sep 19, 2006

    I miss seeing the hummingbirds. We’re being plauged by daddy long leg flies. They hatch in September from the ground and do nothing except come into the house and buzz around lights.

  3. NormB
    Sep 21, 2006

    😈 Arizona has a rule, Las Vegas has borrowed that rule for their advertising. The rule is, and applies only to Mosquitoe, what’s born here, stays here. Our Mosquitoes are home grown and raised. We do not import them, nor do we allow them to leave. That however doesn’t apply to immigrants.