To iPod or not to iPod…

… that is the question.   My birthday is less than two months away and I told Norm that I would like an iPod so I could listen to cool tunes while I take my evening stroll through the neighborhood.   After thinking about it for awhile and looking around on the Internet, I’m wondering if I should get an MP3 player rather than the proprietary iPod.   In case you’re wondering, I don’t have an Apple computer, but I understand that you don’t need one in order to use an iPod.

So do any of my wonderful readers have suggestions for me?   What do you use — MP3 player or iPod?


  1. sarahk
    Aug 22, 2006

    i actually use my phone. it only has 256mb, and that’s not enough space for me, but it serves its purpose. i just need it for my Curves workout.

    but a high storage capacity mp3 player would work as well as an iPod. i like the iPod’s sleek, compact frame, but i’m sure there are plenty out there that are sleek and compact.

  2. Narniaman
    Aug 22, 2006

    I got the 60 gigabyte Ipod about three months ago.

    I love it, and it’s a constant companion. Right now its loaded with 501 gospel songs ranging from the mid-50’s (Statesmen, Blackwood Brothers) to 2006 (Janet Paschal). On the 60 Gig model it means I onlyl have room for about another 4500 songs or so. . . . .

    Normally I dislike all things Apple for a variety of reasons, but I have to admit that they really hit the bullseye on the ipod.

    And no, you don’t have to have an Apple computer to download music to it — a plain old PC works just fine. And it is very nice the way you can download music from the internet music stores, including the Christian site SongTouch.

    So my advice — go for it!!

  3. Ken
    Aug 27, 2006

    I have an iPod and enjoyed it when I used it away from home. Were I buying now though I would buy an MP3. The problem is not the iPod itself, but not actually owning your iTunes Music Downloads.

  4. Rick Lee
    Aug 27, 2006

    I own a 20G Creative Labs Zen Touch MP3 player and it’s great. I have my complete CD collection on it (at least a couple hundred CDs). It’s great… works great. But… I bought a tiny little iPod Shuffle because I wanted something to listen to podcasts on that would be easier to deal with. The iTunes software makes it really easy to subscribe to the podcasts. I think your choice will be based on how tech savy you are. iTunes makes it pretty foolproof to download and use music. If you are going to put music on your device from CDs, then any MP3 player will probably do fine. That’s pretty easy. If you are really tech savy, you can get just the cheapest thing you can find and make it work. They all work… it’s just that the Apple hardware and software all works together easily. The online music (and podcasting) world is all built around iPod so if you are using something else, you’ll always feel a little bit put out.