It Was a Gigantic Storm

Walking Prescott blogger Granny J has an interesting report from Embry-Riddle Meteorology Department on last night’s monsoon storm. The radar images are impressive because the storm joined with other storms creating a large cluster that ranged from the Four Corners to San Diego. Check it out for yourself!


  1. Craig
    Jul 27, 2006

    Hi –

    As a fellow south Scottsdale blogger, I read your blog frequently. While my blog focuses on politics and yours focuses on pretty much everything else, I just posted something you might be interested in.

    Last night, there was a debate in Tempe that involved all of the D17 candidates, including Dan Gransinger, who you wrote about last month.

    Feel free to read my post, or to view the debate at The D17 webcast should be available within a day or so.

    Warning: If you decide to read my blog, I have to tell you – it’s unabashedly partisan. However, I’m fair about it – I’ll disagree with or criticize someone’s positions or conduct or voting record, but do not engage in personal attacks (i.e. – no making fun of how someone looks or dresses or such). And I usually avoid bad words.

    On another subject, that storm was fun. I was out driving on Loop 101 when it hit. When I left home, the thermometer in my truck read 100 degrees. 12 minutes later when I reached the Barnes and Noble at 90th and Shea, it read 76. Couldn’t roll down the windows to revel in the cool air because the rain was coming down so hard, but it was still enjoyable.

    Stay cool and keep blogging!

  2. Karen of Scottsdale
    Jul 28, 2006

    It’s always nice to meet another South Scottsdale blogger! Thanks for the info, Craig, I’ll check it out. 🙂