Strange Coincidence

Last night I scheduled a grocery delivery from for this afternoon.   So at 10:30 this morning I get a call from a delivery driver asking if I would like my groceries delivered now instead of later this afternoon.   Of course!   He said he is about 15 minutes away.   A while later the doorbell rings so I opened the door thinking that it’s him.   The uniform doesn’t look right and then I notice it’s the guy from Schwan’s, which is some kind of ice cream and food delivery service that I don’t use.   I think their sales guys are on commission because they knock on my door now and then trying to sell me.   Anyway, I tell him I thought he was someone else and then I see that is out in the street too.   I tell the salesman that I’m not interested and he says that’s great, etc. and leaves.

I leave the door open waiting for the driver to bring me my groceries.   A few minutes go by and he doesn’t show up so I look out the window.   There he is in the middle of the street talking to the other guy.   After about five minutes the driver comes in and I asked him what was going on out there.   It turns out that he starts working for Schwan’s on Monday so he was asking the other guy all about the job.   Too funny!   (Maybe you had to be there?)