It’s Hot But…

Well it got up to 114 °F today here in Scottsdale but the humidity is at 14%.   I would rather live here than in the Midwest or the Southeast or the Northeast where it’s much worse because of high humidity and the sweltering heat.   And you thought I was going to complain about the heat didn’t you?


  1. Ben
    Jul 18, 2006

    Hi Karen! Man that is HOT! I’ve always wondered if that whole “but it’s a dry heat” thing makes much difference. We’ve been up to 110 the past few days (of which 24 hours of it we were without air conditioning). I really prefer early spring or late winter over summer. Come quickly fall…please!!!!!

  2. pb
    Jul 19, 2006

    Got it right. The temperatures have been in the 90s and we are suffocating. Perhaps a dry roast would be nicer, but for those with MS, heat is heat, and we will have to pay the piper.

    Still, the 80’s, like today, are much better. I always say I will retire someday and go to Bermuda, where it is always in the 70s.

    Sounds heavenly.

  3. sarahk
    Jul 21, 2006

    i agree. when i see 114 degrees in scottsdale, i think, “wow, that sounds nice!”