Movie Review: Broken Trail

Norm and I watched this wonderful new Western drama, Broken Trail, this week. It was a great story about an uncle and a nephew who decide to bring 500 horses from Oregon to Wyoming to earn money. They set off on the trail but their path crosses with a scumbag delivering five Chinese slaves to a life of prostitution in a mining town with no law. The uncle and the nephew are men of honor and do what’s right by these five innocent women. Now their horse drive has turned into a wagon train, but along the way their trail is broken by “horse thieves and gunslingers, madams and mercenaries, native warriors and runaway whores.” Each encounter is a threat to their ability to accomplish their task, but they react with honor and justice. A very refreshing story and a side of history that one does not always see in films. The uncle and the nephew make hard choices but they are rewarded with second chances at life, love and redemption.

It will air again on AMC July 6. I highly recommend it and know that you will enjoy it for its breathtaking scenery, great acting and storytelling. My only disappointment with the film was the audio quality and the small type subtitles. The background sounds were a bit too loud and sometimes it made understanding the dialogue difficult. All in all it was worth seeing. Might be a good idea to record it so you can rewind when you don’t quite understand the dialogue.

Be sure and check out the web site for Broken Trail.


  1. Vanda
    Jun 29, 2006

    John and I don’t got to the movie theatre. He looooves westerns and war movies on TV.

    Glad you enjoyed it Karen.

  2. Patrick
    Jul 19, 2006

    I really liked the AMC movie “Broken Trail”. I actually watched it twice, primarily because of the beautiful scenery and great acting. Robert Duval was excellent in his role. He played his role in a very understated way.. not glamorizing the old west or his character. It was also really nice to be exposed to the situations that many Chinese must have faced when they came to the U.S. in the 1800’s, as well as the downtrodden situation that many women must have had to live with to survive in those days. Very enlightening. I highly recommend the movie.