Baked Pine Needles

I just went outside a few minutes ago for a little outdoor break. We have a gigantic pine tree in our front yard and its shade is rather nice. I took in a deep breath of the outdoor fresh air and I was suddenly reminded of many things. The smell in the air was of baked pine needles. That smell reminds me of summer camp in the pine forests of South Louisiana. It also reminds me of a campground near Lake Arrowhead, California I used to visit in college. Funny how a certain scent will bring back so many memories.

BTW, I live in South Scottsdale where we have lots of trees. You won’t find any trees in swanky North Scottsdale. I guess they’re too good for trees up there! LOL if you live in Scottsdale you’ll understand the division between the north and south. Not quite a civil war, at least not yet.