Life in Scottsdale

It’s hot! It reached 113 °F today with about 4% humidity. The good news is I have not shriveled up yet. 113 ° is not that unusual for the Sonoran desert, but it is unusual to be this hot so early in the summer. If you have never experienced this kind of heat I will give you an idea of what it’s like. Imagine you have walked into a pizza oven — that’s what it feels like. Funny thing is that we really don’t sweat because it’s so dry. That’s where the danger is because you don’t know you’re dehydrating. We drink lots of water around here and we keep our home air-conditioned so we survive.


  1. pb
    Jun 3, 2006

    But does it keep the body cooler without so much humidity?

    The mugginess here in the Finger Lakes area makes much of the summer insufferble. I miss the more temperate summers I remember in Central Massachusetts.

  2. Vanda
    Jun 4, 2006

    Phew I remember the intense heat of days like that. Just think I used to run around all day, in and out of the car making deliveries all over Phoneix, Scottsdale and so on, when we had our own business. Hummm I don’t miss it though LOL.

    We had sun and warmth today. I even turned the heating off LOL.

  3. Karen of Scottsdale
    Jun 4, 2006

    The dry heat is more tolerable than humid heat.

  4. Craig
    Jun 9, 2006

    Good idea to drink lots of water here, even when you don’t feel thirsty. I went golfing Monday, and while I was warm, had no problems because I kept drinking water (approx. 1 gallon during the round).

    And pb – yes, the lower humidity does make you feel cooler. I too grew up in Central MA (near the CT line). While the summers were more temperate, sometimes the humidity became insufferable, and pretty near nobody has central AC there.

    Unlike AZ. 🙂