24 Day 5 5:00-7:00 a.m.

My mind is swirling with scenes from tonight’s two hour jampacked episode. There I was sitting next to my husband, wrapped up in a blanket to ward off the chill from the air conditioner, watching Jack Bauer come to the rescue of the nation once again. He was able to subdue the terrorists on the Russian submarine with the help of just three other people. What a great idea to wrap his knees around Bierko’s neck so he could snap it at just the right moment to give Henderson enough time to disable the missiles aimed at civilian targets in the US. (The only city they mentioned was San Francisco — interesting.) And then Henderson thought he could get away with killing Jack Bauer, but Bauer gave him a useless gun. He’s so smart!

Now Chloe has to go to work doing secret stuff for Bauer and we learned that she has an ex-husband named Morris. That was a total surprise. For a minute I thought he would turn out to be a bad guy, but I guess he still has a soft spot for Chloe and he knew better than to cross Jack Bauer.

Martha Logan turns out to be a hero and a pretty good actress. The look on her face when Logan was being arrested was awesome. The question is did she or didn’t she know about the bug when President Wiesel was roughing her up in the airport hangar? As that scene in a hangar progressed I surmised that Jack Bauer had planted a bug on President Wiesel. Chloe did a good job of getting everyone together at just the right moment, but then again she always does a pretty good job with stuff like that. She is the female high-tech version of Jack Bauer.

Of course just when Jack Bauer seems to be safe he never really is and the jig is up as soon as he says to Audrey that we have all the time we need to be together. As soon as he said that I knew something bad was about to happen. I suspect that the evil puppetmaster Graham is behind the kidnapping of Jack Bauer by the Chinese. Either that or President Wiesel made good on his promise to the evil puppetmaster that Jack Bauer would be taken care of. Either way I still think Graham has something to do with all of this.

Other unanswered questions. Bill Buchanan wants a date with Karen Hayes so will they ever get together? She will definitely be an ally for him at Homeland Security. Where is Audrey’s father? We know he is alive but what will he do about his forced resignation as secretary of defense? Will Morris be a returning character next season? He obviously possesses skills that CTU could utilize and it seems he worked there in the past. Will Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce be able to come out of hiding now that President Wiesel has been arrested?

And to think we have to wait until January 2007 to find out if Jack Bauer will be rescued from the Chinese or will he just escaped on his own? Ugg!

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  1. Fordee
    May 23, 2006

    Oh crap! Didn’t realize we had to wait until 1/2007 to get our 24 fix again. To think that Jack is going to be tortured until then. 🙁