My Computer Has a Mole

For several weeks now my computer keyboard has been having problems, so yesterday I decided it was time to order a new keyboard since the problems are getting worse. The keyboard I use is a SOLIDTEK Mini/Slim USB keyboard and is not the kind of product that you can run down to CompUSA and purchase. This particular keyboard I found online about 2 1/2 years ago and it cost me around $50. Company I purchased it from no longer carries this particular keyboard so I started doing an online search and found it available at two or three other online retailers with prices ranging from $29.99 up to $89. The higher price was on a web site that sells products geared towards people with disabilities. It’s Internet highway robbery! So I ordered the keyboard through TigerDirect yesterday afternoon and this morning I received a notice saying it has been shipped.

My current keyboard, which quit working yesterday, must have been “clued-in” to his impending replacement, because today the keyboard is working with out any problems whatsoever. This is really strange because for the past week this keyboard has been fussy and made it difficult for me to type. The indicator lights constantly flash and about every third keystroke it would not show the letter I pressed or it would continuously type a letter across the screen when I only meant for it to be typed once. Not only that, but by the evening hours it would completely quit working altogether and I would have to ask Norm to unplug the USB cable and then plug it back in again in order for it to work. It’s plugged into a USB hub that has three other devices plugged into it and none of them are malfunctioning. Now that I think about it, the mouse is plugged into the same USB hub so maybe the mouse told the keyboard what was going on? The mouse is a mole. Mysterious!

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  1. Vanda
    May 7, 2006

    Better a mole than a virus eh? Hope the new keyboard gets there soon Karen.

    I dread the day my laptop needs repairing or replacing because for the next year there is no way I can get it fixed or replaced. Shudder I’ll have a nervous break down