Take a Trip

Just learned that a friend of ours has just got a job in England.  Most likely they know about hotels in London England for when they first get there.

My mother’s parents were from England and she would talk to me at length about the years she spent there in her early childhood.  She also asked if I would like to go visit England, when she went back to see her relatives.  Guess they were mine too.  Never took that trip but would have liked to.

I find that wife and I spend a lot of time watching TV shows about England and can’t help but comment that it’s beautiful there.  It’s good that there are so many shows from England, Mysteries, Comedies, the list goes on.  So times, I have to admit that I personally would like to watch English shows that some that are produced here.

I did mention to our friend who is going over to England, that we were going to visit.  She said that we would be welcome there but that they were planning on having just a small place to begin with.  Don’t know if I should take that as a HINT, she did end by saying that they would love to have us visit them in England.

I like the idea of traveling over to England, having looked at articles about the availability of wheelchair accessible rental vans, there.  Wouldn’t it be fun to drive on the wrong side of the road?  I did it long ago, but I’m game to try again.




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