No Ranch Dressing!

When I was a kid, we had to put on a coat and tie just to go out to Dinner.   And of course every Sunday morning it was coat and tie when we went to church.

I like the fact that the dress code here in the US has relaxed to the point where you can go most every place and it really doesn’t matter what you are wearing.

If you want to wear a Tux just to go eat at Patsy Grimaldi’s and the management won’t tell you to go home and change.   Just don’t ask for Ranch Dressing no matter what you are wearing.

I have seen a lot of nurses uniforms being worn by diners in restaurants and I like the fact that they seem to come in many colors.

For me, a pair of Levi’s, pull over shirt and needless to say, a pair of shoes and away we go.   I’ll pass on the Ranch Dressing.

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