I Have a Coupon for That

Thinking about coupons always reminds me of my grandma.  She never met a coupon she didn’t like – in other words – if she had a coupon for it she was most likely going to buy it.  Family get-togethers were always fun because grandma would bring out tons of snack foods like soda and chips that she purchased with coupons.  It didn’t matter if nobody liked the particular brand she purchased.  The important part was that she had a coupon for it!  Oh how I loved my grandma!  She was all about saving money because she grew up in the Depression.  She and grandpa retired with a hefty savings, so she really didn’t need to use coupons for everything.  Grandpa was not allowed to buy her things unless they were on sale.  So when I ran across coupons for FTD orders of a certain amount I instantly thought of my grandparents and knew that Grandpa could’ve bought flowers for Grandma with that.  She would not have seen it as an extravagance because he had a coupon for the flowers.  I miss my grandparents  a lot!