Translator Please

A couple of weeks ago we were Walmart, a.k.a. Wally World, in the optical shop.  I was looking at eyewear frames while waiting to have mine repaired.  There was also a woman there with three very young children.  Her little girl, who looked about four or five years old, came over to me.  She looked at my wheelchair and started speaking to me.  I couldn’t understand her question.  Then it dawned on me that she was speaking Spanish.  At that point it would have been nice to have a language master franklin so I could figure out what she was saying and give an appropriate response.  I know very little Spanish and it was obvious that she didn’t know any English.  I told her couple of times that I did not understand her question.  Of course I was friendly and smiled, so she kept talking anyways as if I could understand what she was saying.  I think it’s the first time I’ve ever had that happen.  Her mother completely ignored us.  Maybe she couldn’t speak English either.  Oh well.