Knock Knock, Who’s There?

We don’t often get visitors around here, at least unexpected ones are rare, except for my brother-in-law who shows up unannounced at random times.   Anyhow, one day last week the doorbell must have rang three times from about four o’clock in the afternoon until 8:30 that night.   I think it would have been nice to have surveillance cameras around the front door so I could see who was there.   It’s a little disconcerting to open your door well after dark when you’re not expecting anyone.   Fortunately it was just my new neighbor across the street bringing over a package the UPS man left with them.   I guess we weren’t home when he came by earlier in the day.   I couldn’t remember ordering anything so I was quite curious to see what the package contained.   It turned out to be a couple of T-shirts Norm ordered from the Internet.   I was hoping it was something better.