Career Advisor

Sometimes I want to have an influence in the life of young people.   Perhaps this is because I don’t have any children?   One of my girlfriends has a 17-year-old daughter.   She’s a really sweet young woman and I want to get to know her better and perhaps to have a positive influence on her life.   I don’t always feel comfortable around teenagers, but I do enjoy giving advice on job searching and going for job interviews.   Right now my friend’s daughter works in one of those hip clothing stores at a local mall.   I have no idea what it is she wants to do with her life.   Since she is quite interested in fashion she might be considering a career in retail.   I suppose I could suggest to her that she might look into becoming a buyer.   Not that I know a lot about the retail industry, mind you, but I have a feeling that buyer jobs pay better than sales clerks.   Now, if only I can figure out how to interest her in sitting down and having a conversation with me.