Sometimes God Speaks to Me In Songs

Today I had an appointment for a CT scan of my kidneys and and abdomen x-ray, as part of a follow-up from my kidney stone surgery at Christmas.   Being totally disabled and unable to walk or transfer easily from my chair to an x-ray table, I have been somewhat worried about today’s appointment.   I have to be lifted from my wheelchair onto those hard metal tables.   I don’t like just anyone to lift me because I’m rather fragile and it’s painful if someone doesn’t do it right.   My husband lifts me at home from our bed to my wheelchair or shower chair, but he only does it in the morning and in the evening.   His back has problems and so I prefer him not to have to lift me more than necessary.   And, with today’s appointment, I knew I would probably have to transfer from my chair to x-ray table and back to my chair and then to the CT scan table and back to my chair again.   I didn’t want Norm to have to deal with all of that, because being in those settings is not as easy as the way we have things set up at home.

Last week when I made the appointment I began to lay awake at night wondering how we would manage it.   And then I decided not to think about it for the rest of the week.   This morning I woke up and prayed that God would help us.   As we drove to the appointment this morning, a wave of fear crept up and I quickly pray for God to give me peace and to provide someone to help if Norm was not able to do it.   And then all of a sudden I felt God speaking to me through a song I have not heard in years.   It’s called “God Will Make Away.”   Each line came into my mind – “God will make away when there seems to be no way…” Yes, that’s exactly what I needed to remember.   Peace came over me and I knew things would work out.

I had to wait an hour and a half before they called me in, but as it turns out, I was able to do the x-ray from my wheelchair and so I only needed to transfer to the CT scan table.   Norm was able to do it and it worked out fine with the medical technicians assisting him getting me back into the wheelchair.   Nothing got hurt and the scan only lasted a few minutes.

I’m glad I didn’t feel worried about it all that time.