TV News

It was two weeks ago when the nightly local news on, not one but two, of the local TV Channels was carrying stories about genital herpes.   What really surprised me, was the age of those who were the subject of the stories.   They weren’t even in high school.   I was also surprised that there was no mention of cures for genital herpes.

I think the real reason for the stories was not to inform the public, but have content about “SEX”, because it must have been a rating period.

When I was the anchor of a TV Newscast up in Las Vegas, I wrote everything that went into my newscasts, except for sports. We had a sportscaster and I left that to him.   I wrote first about what was going on in Las Vegas, then Nevada, then the US and the rest of the World.   To me, as the writer/producer, it was the goal to provide a dependable source of news that would be important to the viewers.   The ratings would follow, and they did.