High Definition And Reality Shows

When I have nothing better to do and I feel like watching someone else work, I enjoy watching programs about DIY and home remodeling.   In fact, most of the time my television is tuned to HGTV or DIY network.   Many of these programs could be considered reality shows, especially the ones that show people who like to remodel their homes without the aid of experts.   I’m sure there’s a producer and a camera crew, but I don’t think there’s anyone who does hair and makeup.   You see these people as they really are, sweaty and in dirty clothes, etc. because that’s what happens when you’re working.

One of the shows I like to watch is called Rehab Addict which features a woman who likes to flip houses and do the remodel herself, with the help of subcontractors.   As I was watching this program the other day, I noticed this young woman had rather dark circles under eyes.   Perhaps she had never heard of under eye creams, but somebody needs to clue her in, because it doesn’t look good on HDTV.   Maybe she just works too hard and doesn’t get any sleep.   If you’re reading my blog, dear, get some under eye cream fast.