Technology Conundrum Number 3721

Have you ever noticed how people are walking around looking at their iPhones and other handheld technology devices?   It seems that wherever you go people walking around connected to the Internet.   Sometimes it reminds me of that movie “Minority Report” in which technology is so advanced, billboards and advertisements are tailored to fit each person that passes by.   Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be?   Say for instance you are hungry and known to enjoy big Macs, so you pass by a sign that speaks to you “turn here to get a big Mac and satisfy that craving.”   Or, perhaps even more unsettling, the advertisement notices you are overweight and so it says “click here to buy lipofuze.”   And for those with children in tow, their favorite toys suddenly appear in bright flashing colors.   Yes, that could be challenging for parents but a lot of fun for marketers.