My Feed Reader Is Gone

Back when blogging became a hit, there was this thing called RSS feeds which sent out a message telling readers the blogs have been updated.   My favorite feed reader has always been Bloglines, but now they are closing shop and will no longer be available as of October 1.   Now what do I do?   I don’t like changes sometimes, especially when something works well, and Bloglines works well for me.   Twitter and Facebook have changed the Internet into massive amounts of micro-blogging, which doesn’t require RSS feeds.   (That’s just my opinion, so don’t quote me on that.)

Facebook and Twitter give me a headache with too much information thrown at once that’s hard to sift through.   Information like, diet pills that give you energy and the latest political news get mixed together in the stream of Twitter and Facebook feed.   What I like about Bloglines and RSS was the ability to organize that information in meaningful ways.   Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure out a replacement soon enough.