The Black Hole Strikes Again

My husband, Norm, and I are convinced there is a black hole in our house.   Things randomly disappear and it drives us crazy.   Take this morning for instance.   Norm has a reacher grabber device that he uses to help pick up things off the floor so he doesn’t have to bend over.   He used it first thing this morning to pick up his shoes off the floor so he could put them on.   A few hours later he’s looking all over for it and can’t find it anywhere.   Normally it’s in the bedroom, so I go in there to help them look for it.   We looked everywhere!   We looked in every room in the house.   It was nowhere to be found.   It’s nearly 3 feet long so how can it hide?

We were tossing things around and turning on lights everywhere so we could see in all the nooks and crannies.   Maybe we need new lighting?   A friend has recommended Kichler lighting.   Anyhow, it seemed as if someone had just completely robbed us of Norm’s reacher.

So, not being able to help him actually looked into difficult places, I began to ask him exactly where he looked.

Me: Did you look under the bed?
Norm: Yes, twice.
Me: Did you look in the closet?
Norm: Yes, three times.
Me: Did you look behind your nightstand?
Norm: I’m not sure it could get back there.

GG the Rascal Cat

He goes into the bedroom and looks behind the nightstand.   Low and behold, there it is!   Now if we could only figure out who put it back there.   My money’s on GG the cat.