After Midnight and He Wore a Suit

My husband Norm was an announcer in the 60s and 70s and even spent some time doing the all night show in Denver Colorado.   The radio station was owned by a company that also owned a TV station and the radio studios were down in the basement of the building in downtown Denver.

Each night Norm told me he would arrive, wearing a suit, including a dress shirt and a tie.   He would get there to go on the air at midnight, and by 1:30 AM, there was no one else in the building until about 5 AM.   But Norm would sit there behind the radio console and microphone wearing his suit even though those listening on the radio could not see it.

Norm never wears a suit these days.   I mean never.   He does have one or two dress shirts in his closet, but when he considers shirts he only looks for mens polo shirts.   He looks just as good as he did back then, just more casual.