Not so Ancient History

Many of my Facebook friends are people I went to high school with back in the day.   Since I went to high school in southern Louisiana, and now I live in Arizona, I have not seen any of my high school friends since we graduated.   Every once in a while someone will post a photo from our yearbook or mention that they visited our alma mater or that their kids go there.   It makes my mind wander back to those days of yore.

Although there were good times, I can’t say I really liked high school all that much.   I was fortunate that I had some good friends who looked beyond my differences.   Some of my friends want to go back to high school days because they miss being 17, but I cannot say the same.   Although, it might not be so bad now that there is prescription acne medication.   Oh, the trauma of having a pimple on your nose on the day of the big dance.   Now that I think about it, that’s probably a lot less stressful than dealing with a mortgage and monthly bills and wondering how you are going to pay for everything with the little that you get each month.   Maybe high school wasn’t so bad after all.