Dealing with teenagers is something that I find difficult to do.   Perhaps it’s because I did not like being a teenager?   I do not know what it is, but I find that I can not think of anything to say when I am around a teenager.   I actually feel awkward, which is how most of them usually feel around adults.   Well, tomorrow morning there will be a bunch of them over at my house, although I probably will not be around them much.   They’re supposed to be here at 5:30 AM to work on my backyard.   The youth group at my church will be cleaning up the backyard as a community service project.   It needs the work and I am very thankful they are offering to do this!   Maybe I can wow them with my knowledge of odd things like the names of insects I find in the backyard, an acnepril review, or how many birds I can name?   I am sure that will break the ice and I will not feel so awkward.   Not.