Boy was I surprised!

Norm here again filling in for my lovely bride. Once again today will be a busy day with people coming in and out to repair our kitchen and the water leak.

First thing, just after we got up, the door bell rang and when I opened it… was I ever surprised.   Our neighborhood friend who I spoke of yesterday in my guest post here on The View from My Chair, was there.   (I have left out her name   on purpose.)

She looked good, pregnant and very happy.   Looked to me like she was using prenatal vitamins as the due date fast approaches.   Karen and she talked for awhile and a lot of their conversation centered on what was being done to our kitchen.

Today is going to be much like yesterday with more work required to fix the damage to the dry wall around the kitchen area and one wall where our hot water heater is.

Karen and I have been so lucky in this house.   This is the first time that we have had major damage, if you want to call it that, to our house.   It made me realize how dependent I have become having running water and direct access to our refrigerator.   I can still get to it, but have to go through a plastic sheet door way, that’s no big deal, but I’m careful not to pull it down.

So much fun.