Rainy Thoughts

During the night I woke up to the sound of rain on the roof.   I had no idea it was going to rain last night so it caught me by surprise.   It rained a good while, and although it kept me awake, it was a pleasant sound.   If you live in the dry desert country you come to appreciate rain.   It doesn’t take much for you to notice the change in humidity either.   Occasionally I’ll wake up and feel like I need to start using a joint supplement due to the slight pain humidity can bring to the joints, especially if it’s cold.   Fortunately today was not cold, although it was cooler temperatures than we’ve had lately.   The sun finally came out but it was five o’clock in the afternoon and not a good time to sit outside for sunning.   My cat, Miss Ellie, was smart and spent the day curled up on my bed.   She went out a little while ago to get some fresh air which seemed like a good idea to me too.