Use It or Lose It

Due to my lifelong disability of Spinal Muscular Atrophy my hands are extremely weak.   I was taking notes the other day on something and realized I don’t write as well as I used to.   These days I use the computer for most everything and so pen and paper are rarely used.

When I was in college I was constantly note taking and therefore always writing with a pen or pencil.   Most often I was doodling in my notebooks along with the notetaking.   I love the way a pen feels in your hand when you’re writing.   I’m very particular about pens too.   Anyhow, I don’t write as well as I used to and it’s a little disappointing.   Maybe because I just don’t practice handwriting anymore.

More than 25 years ago I was quite good at penmanship and even taught myself calligraphy.   When I graduated college I used calligraphy to hand address all of my graduation invitations and announcements.   Everyone was quite impressed and a few people asked if I would do their wedding invitations.   It’s a lot of work so I said no except for one friend who begged and begged me to do it.   It was my wedding gift to her.