Keeps Me Coming Back

It’s like winter here today, cold, windy and rainy.   Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay home because we had to go to the grocery store.   There’s a Basha’s supermarket near us that we go to often.   It’s not the best store that we’ve ever been to, but it’s definitely the most friendly supermarket I’ve ever been to.   We’ve been shopping there for more than a year and just about everybody who works there has come to know us in one way or another.   Especially the managers and checkout people.   One lady in particular, Sandra, is always so glad to see us in her checkout line.   In fact, the last two times we’ve gone there, she’s given us a hug on the way out.   When the people who work at your local market appreciate your business it makes you want to come back over and over again.   They are the kind of people that you want to buy personalized gifts for at Christmas.   We used to shop at Safeway which is not all that close to our house, but they were never that friendly to us and we shopped there consistently for eight years.

After we were done grocery shopping we went to the Starbucks inside the store to get hot chocolate to warm us up.   Even Rory, the barista, was friendly and quite accommodating.   Oh, and before we got our groceries, we went to the bank inside the store to make a deposit, and they were especially friendly today.   Maybe it’s something in the air?   Whatever it is I like it!