Sally’s Secret

The other day I was recalling my college years in San Diego.   I was quite active in my church young adult group and had several friends that I hung around.   One of those was a young woman I’ll call Sally (not her real name).   She was a friend of a friend and would go out with my group of friends occasionally.   Susan was an outgoing person who became an RN.   A lot of us girls didn’t date very much, but I remember Susan often had dates.   What struck me about Susan was that she had a problem with eczema that was quite bad on her arms and legs.   But she never seem to let it bother her.   I don’t know if she was getting any kind of eczema treatments.   I think the reason why she had dates and a lot of us girls didn’t was because of her self-confidence.   When you feel confident with who you are and you don’t let the way you look bother you, it usually doesn’t bother other people either.   There’s a lesson to be learned there.