It’s because I’m a Star !

Lately I have had several people who see me with Karen ask me if I’m using an anti aging product.

My pat answer is NO, I’m a Former Radio Television Star and I have always looked young for my age.     But now that I’m a Senior, I can tell you the real truth.

When my brother had just turned old enough to drive and he wanted to drive anything and all the time, it was me who was a full 3 years younger, and with no drivers license, who was always being asked by strangers who knew my brother, if I would like to drive for them.

You are saying that then I LOOKED Older, NO, that’s not it… When I turned 13, I stood 6 feet 4 inches tall.   At least a full foot and a half taller than my brother and most everyone else I came in contact with.

Then I looked, Taller.   Today, it’s younger.