The Senior Moment Game

Being married to a man in his mid-60s can be quite entertaining at times.   Lately we’ve been playing the Senior Moment game.   A couple of weeks ago he couldn’t find his cell phone.   “Did you look on your desk?   Did you look in the car?   Did you look in the bedroom?   Did you look…” Each time I asked he said he had already looked there.   So then I start looking at all those places and ask him to look with me.   Each time he tells me it’s not there, he’s already looked three times.

Convinced that it’s not anywhere in the house or in the car I begin to call every place we went the day before only to find that no one has turned in a cell phone.   Two hours later he found it on his desk under something.   (Note to self: Always look under things.)

The other day the same thing happens with the checkbook.   It’s very rare for him to take the checkbook anywhere, so after we looked “everywhere” and twice in the pockets of the pants he wore the day before, I e-mail the church office, because that’s where we were with the checkbook.   Not two minutes after I send the e-mail he tells me he found it in his pants pocket.   Apparently he has 2 pairs of pants that look alike.   (Note to self: tell him to check every pair of pants next time.)

Last week we were watching TV in the living room and the clothes washer was running in the kitchen which is right next to the living room.   When the washer runs you hear what sounds like running water, and I’ve learned to ignore it.   Well, apparently he left the water running at the kitchen sink.   He doesn’t hear that sound from the living room because of his hearing loss (a byproduct of the Senior Life) and I was ignoring that sound because I thought it was just the washing machine.   Fortunately, only 20 minutes later, he went back into the kitchen and discovered the water running out of the kitchen faucet.   (Note to self: pay more attention to running water sounds.   It will save on the water bill.)

Yes, life can be interesting and sometimes exciting with an old guy.   It helps to make notes.