Things are changing and I’m noticing the little details.   Last night while leaving my ladies group at church I experienced an odd sensation.   Norm and I were headed to the van and it felt like the air-conditioning was on outside.   I can’t remember the last time this year I felt cool while being outside in the evening.   I’d say it’s been a good six months.

The light seems different when I look outside the windows in my home.   The sun must be moving to its lower angle as we get closer to the end of the year.   I like that change in lighting.   I’ve also noticed it’s getting darker sooner.   Violet hour even seems more intense these days.

Could it be that fall is on its way?   What we really need is a good storm.   Two or three days of heavy rain to wash away all the dust from the summer.   I suppose it would be similar to doing a 7 day colon flush.   You get rid of all the gunk and everything feels a lot better.