Makeover Makeover

I enjoy watching TV and one type of programming I enjoy is makeover shows.   Sometimes its makeovers of the way women look.   You know where they take a woman and they get new clothes that fit them properly and their hair and makeup is changed to suit their face.   It’s fun to see the transformation and most of the time the woman looks a lot better afterward.

Another type of makeover show I enjoy is home decorating.   It’s interesting to see the creative ideas that the designer comes up with to make over a room in someone’s house.   Fresh paint and new furniture can do a lot to change a room.   The more creative shows are the ones where the designer works with existing furnishings and decor because the homeowner is on budget.   Occasionally they’ll suggest something like purchasing discount rugs to cover up bad carpet, or shopping for flea market finds to redecorate the room inexpensively.

I’ve often wondered why I enjoy these types of programs.   Maybe it’s because I secretly desire to makeover myself and makeover my house.   Unfortunately I haven’t quite figured out how to do either one of those without spending any money.   😉