Back in the Day

Charlotte is one of my best friends from high school days.   Honestly, I can’t remember how we met, but we would hang out together all the time and if I wasn’t at her house, she was at my house.   We had sleepovers and would go to the movies and shopping together.   We probably spent hours on the phone too talking about boys.   Now we connect on Facebook and it’s fun to see pictures of her husband and son.   She still lives in Louisiana, so we haven’t actually seen each other since I graduated high school because I haven’t been back to Louisiana since then.   She graduated a year after me.

We were talking today and she mentioned losing 50 pounds recently.   She must have found the best weight loss supplement around, because it’s not easy to lose 50 pounds.   She did it for health reasons, but I’m just proud of her for doing it.

I miss the times we used to spend together and I wish we lived closer.   With Facebook we are able to share in each other’s lives so I am glad for that.