Political Doldrums

Politics is something I’ve been interested in since high school and I’ve always enjoyed being involved with the latest political discussions.   This blog has been an outlet for much of that discussion over the years, but lately I have been in a political depression, or as I like to call it, doldrums.   It seems that everything has gone upside down politically.   The other day I turned on the radio to listen to my favorite political analyst, but I had to turn it off because I started feeling so angry and then depressed at what I was hearing about the actions of this Administration and Congress.   Our country has been taken over by people who do not value the Constitution or the rule of law and will do anything and everything they can to take away all that we have worked for in this country.   You might think I’m overreacting, but I know a lot of people feel the same way I do about what’s going on in this country.

The auto industry has been taken over by the government and healthcare is next.   The latest Supreme Court nominee doesn’t even hide the fact that she believes government policy should be made from the bench, or that her judicial decisions are smarter because she is a woman.   That’s a direct violation of our Constitution which separates the lawmaking from the judiciary.   Justice should be blind and applied equally to everyone.

The media is no longer interested in seeking out the truth.   They openly promote politicians who believe the way they do and openly disparage those who don’t.   It’s no wonder nobody buys newspapers anymore.

It’s like the world has gone completely upside down.   There was a book I had as a child about a world where everything was upside down.   Perhaps, like 1984, it was speaking of the future — which is now.

Last week, I heard on the news about the 13-year-old boy in Minnesota who refused to continue chemotherapy treatment.   His parents chose to honor his wishes and seek out alternative medical treatment, but a judge ordered the boy be made to undergo chemotherapy against his wishes and against those of his parents.   When the mother took her child to seek other treatment, her arrest was ordered.   Something about this really upset me.   Parents no longer have the right to decide what is best for their children and the courts can force you to have medical treatment you don’t want.   What about freedom of choice?   Or is that only valid when you want to kill the baby in the womb, or half out of the womb, or an inconvenient spouse whose brain damage gets in the way of your plans?   Remember Terri Schiavo?   That judge decided her husband knew what was best for her and allowed him to starve her to death even though her parents were willing to do everything they could to help her.   She was not terminally ill, only brain-damaged.

If Obama gets his way and healthcare is completely taken over by the government then what right do any of us have regarding our own healthcare choices?   I don’t want someone else making that decision for me.   In my case I’m pretty sure that a government bureaucrat would decide that my life isn’t worth saving, or my choice of medical treatment isn’t best because it doesn’t fit in with the government’s definition of standard of care.   Mark my words — the disabled and the elderly will be the first to go when the government completely takes over the healthcare system.

And then today I heard about the couple in San Diego who are being told they must pay for a permit from the county in order to continue hosting a small group Bible study in their home.   Hello?   What happened to religious freedom? God help us!


  1. Norm
    May 28, 2009

    You’re right Karen. The last three words of your blog, says it all. God Help Us. And you know what, HE WILL.

    OH, it might not be instantaneous but God is more powerful than any one or any thing on this earth. No matter what happens here, he will will be there to lift us up when it really counts.

  2. PJ
    May 29, 2009

    Good read! Yes, God Help Us!