I Could’ve Had a V8

Remember that commercial for V-8 tomato juice where people knock themselves in the head and exclaimed I could’ve had a V8?   Well I kind of feel that way about my purchase last December of a Palm TX.   I’ve been using a PDA for several years and decided to upgrade my Palm M515 by purchasing the TX because of its built-in WiFi.   Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out the way I had hoped.

Recently I came across information about netbooks.   A netbook is a small version of a laptop computer.   It pretty much works like a PDA, but makes it easier for Web surfing and e-mail because of a larger screen and full keyboard interface.   When I got to looking at them I realized that I could’ve purchase one of those for a little more than what I spent on the Palm and gotten a much better and more usable portable computing device.   Oh well — that’s the problem with ever-changing technology.   Sometimes you think you are moving forward but in reality you are moving two steps back.