The House GOP is Back

Friday the 13th turned out to be a nightmare of the day for America.   Pelosi violated the   House’s own rules by requiring a vote on this bill before anyone had a chance to read it.   They were supposed to make the entire bill available for all Americans to read 48 hours prior to a vote.   So much for transparency and a new way of doing things in DC.   Pelosi and Obama both are nothing but hypocrites and liars and I pray that their plans to destroy our democratic republic and our free market economy will fail.

As a conservative first and a Republican second I want to commend the House GOP for having the wisdom to vote against this generational theft act that will do nothing to stimulate the economy and everything to enhance pet programs of the Democrats and empower the Obama administration.   It’s also interesting to note that in the Senate more Democrats voted against the bill than Republicans voted for it.

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  1. pb
    Feb 16, 2009

    I agree. Must we throw good money after bad? Once this cash advance cycles through, the economy will still require years to recover.

    Why can’t we just learn, adjust, and move on?