Super Bowl

Football is not something I typically watch.   If I’m at someone’s home and they have the game on I might look and seem interested for a little while, but it’s just not a game I really get into.   Except during the playoffs I might watch a little bit especially if the Arizona Cardinals or the San Diego Chargers are playing.   Those are the only games I’m really interested in knowing about because I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and I used to live in San Diego and still visit family there.

Last year the Super Bowl was played here in Arizona and I watched a little bit of it out of curiosity but it was not interesting since I had no real connection to it other than its location.   This year the Arizona Cardinals are playing in the Super Bowl.   Now you have to understand that this is an almost unbelievable event because the Cardinals have never played in the Super Bowl and very rarely ever make it to the early playoff games.   I never watch the Cardinals play so I will readily admit that I’m a fair weather fan.   That being said I am excited about the game tomorrow especially now that I have learned more about Kurt Warner, the Cardinals quarterback.   Kurt and Brenda, his wife, are a special couple with an amazing family.   They do a lot for the community.   Their story of years of hardship, trials and tribulations makes one excited when you think of how far they’ve come to where they are now.

Success requires diligence, hard work and persistence.   It does not come easy to most people and some never find it.   We should always be excited for those who find it especially when they work hard for it.   Some people work hard at losing weight and when they find the best diet pill they get excited.   Well, maybe that’s a silly example but I think sometimes we want the easy way out.   I know I always look for the easy way out but I’m more excited when I accomplish something through effort rather than just being given something.   How about you?