Here I am again.

Proving once again that the old saying, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”, here I am typing away on The View from My Chair.   The second team.

But it’s fun for me to sit here and come up with ideas and add them to Karen’s blog while she’s over in California.

This on top of my normal chores of letting the cats in and out of the house…whenever they want in or out.   I don’t for a minute consider this particular chore to be a pain pump .

Doing loads of washing to make sure that it doesn’t back up.   And don’t forget the dishes, those too have to be washed and put away.   Fun things that I as the husband get to do even when my adorable wife is not here.

Letting the cats in and out, one is a “IN House” cat and she only likes to go out at night, is easy.   Both the front door and back door that goes to the backyard have remote push buttons, so I can just push a button and it opens and out runs Miss Ellie.   When I see her at the back door or hear her scratching at the front door, again, a simple push of a button and the door opens.     As for closing?   It will automatically close by itself.   I don’t have to do a thing.     Isn’t that great?

Now also one of my chores is of course TRASH.   It’s my job to make sure that those items that we have to “throw out” are put in a garbage bag, that is then closed up, and taken out to the large city garbage container that sits in the alley behind our house.   Here in this part of Scottsdale, the alley is there only for Garbage.   Our carports or Garages are all in the front of the houses.   Oh, I almost forgot, it allows access to the telephone and power poles that are in the alley too.   Back in Denver, the Garages were in the alleys, behind the houses.   I like that.   This isn’t bad, but having a garage in the back was cool.

Life is beautiful.   Better when Karen is here, but still pretty neat.