Fun things to do.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas season upon us, it bring so many fun ideas to the front.   It’s of course the time of year where parties are on tap and the reason to hold one is so easy to come up with.   Just to have a get together with one’s friends and of course family members can be planned and pulled off just by saying it’s Turkey Day or it’s Christmas, no one really needs a gold plated invitation.   In fact all one has to say is we’re having a get together “Tuesday Night” we’d love to have you there.     If the party doesn’t conflict with another get together, you can almost bet those you invite will be there.   Many will of course come early and stay late.   No harm in that.   It’s a festive time and very jolly.

It’s also a time of year where hobbies pop up and are either continued or started.   One hobby that I have found fascinating over the years is that of scrapbooking.   Every time I see something on TV about it, I stop to watch.   I guess I like the creativity that it shows.   And the fact that there are so many “subjects”, :”Themes” that one can chose from and use.   The end results can be as elaborate as you can put together or simple and to the point.   It’s what ever makes you happy.